At vikler you get a package of graphic and video solutions, as well as printed material.

Do you ever get a non-editable PDFs in your translation projects, and convert them, but it doesn’t work?

Converting PDF into something ready for CAT-tools many times leaves more damage, as you think your project is ready but it isn’t, with many formatting errors, weird paragraph breaks, noneditable text leftover in graphics, images and many other obstacles that your CAT-tool can’t read correctly.

And your word analysis tells you one thing, but it’s not even near, plus when you get translated text, you can’t put it back in days.

Vikler team does it manually, but not only that. We are a team of DTP professionals who have worked as localization project managers, so we know exactly what localization needs.

Subtitling? If you need subtitling, we take care of everything: from transcription, time-coding, translating, embedding to your videos.

Maybe you need a beautiful design for your book cover?

You are not sure how to insert a barcode, or how to insert ISBN?

Do you want to publish your content online or print your content?

Your content was translated but it’s all mess now, and you don’t know where one sentence ends and the next one begins?

You can’t read the new script and can’t organize the layout?

Let’s see if we can help. Tell us what is your requirement.