Subtitling challenges

I have noticed that a lot of translation companies who offer subtitling services have one too many steps, but in the end, we all watch program with errors.

Do they not pay attention to a certain aspect because they have a lot of other things on their mind?

I have worked in a company that used to provide full service for subtitling, with transcribing step included. Why do companies waste money on separating those steps, paying somebody to transcribe what people are saying when it is possible for one team of people to do it all, or even better, it can be done all at once. A real translator who works on subtitling should already know how to work with time coding. But you might don’t know, when you send your video to a company, they usually have somebody do one thing, then it moves to the next person, and so on. In the end, an unhappy translator does the job and is paid usually per minute of video, when in the calculation it is more work than with “regular” per word translation. Not just that, these guys need to watch the video and see if somebody is just one person “you” or a group of people, if somebody is a “he “or a “she”, first-person singular in “other” languages might need it.

That’s why I think subtitling should be done differently. As a translator I find those things silly. Companies are investing in their house-made tools for subtitling, but only to do nothing in the end. And, the reviewers – personal experience – pay attention to things that are preferential, while they leave a lot of other mistakes go through.

I have recently been watching HBO, and their Croatian translation is terrible. A lot of program has had so many bugs, one movie went on air with mistakes per minute. Mostly missing space, capital letters randomly, something crazy went on there. I wrote to the company that did the translations, but got no reply.