What did the painter mean by this?

Looking at paintings is not something people do for fun all the time. It’s not fun as music. Everybody can spend hours listening to music, but not all can spend hours looking at paintings. Comics, yes, paintings, not so much. When the ‘ancient’ artists come into play, we see people showing respect to them, for their craftsmanship, but also for the message their work conveys.

Who has read or seen ‘The da Vinci code’ has certainly gazed at the paintings mentioned in the book, looking for the secret meaning. The paintings like The Last Supper, the Madona on the rock (or is it of the rock), depicting religious symbols with a secret message. People are nowadays googling what is Leo trying to tell us through the smile and/or colors of the Mona Lisa painting? I remember hearing about the mystery of the smile.

Let’s try to edit the message, which can be a political message, something the author wants to tell people, warn the about something.

What does Mona Lisa say with her mask on? Imagine it was Covid-19 pandemic.

Mona Lisa during a pandemic-themed inauguration

What about the “Scream” painting? Well, if we weren’t sure about the fear of the person who walks alone, with a constant feel that someone’s always near, or hearing steps behind, now we might know what’s it like during the pandemic 2020/2021. Our inner selves usually do want to scream when we see maskless people coming from behind, especially since – if in group – they are probably actively not wearing the mask as a symbol of freedom, like the MAGA people.

If you’re a Mrcan, and you see a group of maskless people, you do have a reason to think about your safety.

Oh no, people are not wearing masks!

Ads usually don’t hide their message. The meaning is right there. But, unlike artistic paintings that reflect the ‘inner’ artist, advertorial art conveys a direct message. A toy factory wants to advertize its toys, and it will create a message that tells you exactly that – hey, this is us, consider buying from us.

On the other hand, they don’t reveal the nasty part of their product. Like, guns in Mrca. Nobody is promoting killing your spouse, or letting your kid hurt somebody. But that’s what happens. With a book, you really have to work hard to hurt yourself, while with a gun, you actually just do what you’re supposed to do and there you go, somebody’s been hurt.

Promoting beer with 0% alcohol is something new today. That’s – I guess – fine, you send message to people, hey you can be cool with our beer, and not get drunk and make a fool of yourself, also not run over somebody in your car.

Other brands that don’t really produce stuff that doesn’t come without the hazardous parts are trying to be funny. One brand comes to mind, with a cool guy promoting it.

You’ve probably seen the advertizement: a guy is walking, walking, and walking, he’s just walking. He obviously isn’t consuming the product in the ad, because if he was, he wouldn’t be able to walk that much. ‘That much’, ha. I’m talking about whiskey. The actor in the ad is cool, but it would have been more appropriate that he performed the character from Trainspotting.

Did you bring the cards?